Duct & Vent Repair Installation

Have duct board and/or duct work falling down/holes? Your HVAC system will perform better and last longer with proper duct work and pipe venting. Inefficient duct work reduces the efficiency due to the system running longer and more often. Repairs, new duct work, and additional runs for remodels additions are made from galvanized sheet metal made in our sheet metal fabrication shop.
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Programmable Thermostats/Energy Smart Thermostats

In attempt to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills, the HVAC industry offers a variety of programmable thermostats and energy smart thermostats. Programmable thermostats allow the home owner to set the temperature and have the thermostat change based on time of day/ day. Smart thermostats learn from the customers behaviors, allow you to control the climate in your home remotely (wi-fi, mobile applications etc) and can even adjust themselves based on conditions.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop

On site, we have a sheet metal fabrication shop which enables us to make our own sheet metal duct-any possible fittings and any size duct work. We extend this service to other companies in the area as well as homeowners.

Air Conditioning

We specialize in the installation and repair of air conditioning (AC) units. Typically, air conditioning is considered to be the cooling of the air inside your home by evaporating the humidity in the air and lowering the temperature. Locally, we repair and install numerous AC units due to intense heat and humidity, so you can trust your home's air to our experience.

Oil Furnace Repair

Through various means of wear and tear, your oil furnace will eventually need maintenance, and that's where we come in. We can not only service your air conditioning unit and clean your ducts, but we can assess the issue with your oil furnace and adjust it accordingly.

Radiant Heat

This silent heating system interacts with the objects in the room to exchange heat. Radiant heating and cooling systems pick up on the temperature of the room and the objects in it (including people and pets) to adjust accordingly. Radiant heat does not blow air like a space heater, but rather pinpoints the objects in the room and heats them instead, creating an even heat throughout the room with no one area warmer than another.

Heater repair

Not only will we service your air conditioning system or your furnaces, but we will also service your heaters, boilers, and heat pumps. In colder weather, it is important to keep your home's integrity intact by ensuring that it has its own atmosphere - there's nothing like coming inside from a snow storm to a safe, warm house!